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Above White House Press Pool Photos by Steve Moskowitz/LVESN

We syndicate Las Vegas Entertainment and Sports News from Las Vegas to over 50 Newspapers/Magazines, over1,200 Radio Stations, over 300 TV Stations, over 350 Entertainment and Sports Websites; and to many influential TV/Movie/Music/Sports Executives and Talent.

Our Newswire is available via FTP or our HugesNet downlink, from our Las Vegas News Bureau.
We have up to 4.5 million Readers, Listeners, and Viewers monthly in the U.S., and Internationally.

We cover Charity Events, Awards Shows, Concerts, Special Events; Hotel/Casino/Restaurant/Dining/Shopping/Food and Wine Tastings/Nightclub/Show News; Trade Show/Conventions/Expos/Conferences/Summits News; TV/Movie/DVD/Music News; Fashion/Beauty/Celebrity Gifting Suites/Product News and Reviews; Gaming News, Sports News, and more.

A very small condensed random selected samples of our newswire may be seen on this Website.

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Photo Credit above: Steve Moskowitz

Photo Credit above: Bob Goldberg/Steve Moskowitz